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Why Fire Safety Consultants are Crucial for Your Property
April 22, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Sprinkler installed by fire safety consultants.

To someone without training and certification, the Florida Fire Prevention Code gets more complex and confusing with each line. And it changes constantly.

But your county and municipality expect you to comply with it nonetheless, with failure resulting in costly fines or having your business shuttered.

At Fire Inspections Consultant services, we help businesses avoid both pitfalls and others you’re going to learn about.

Here are the hazards and legal consequences that make fire safety consultants crucial for any property.

Ensuring compliance

As established, fire codes are difficult to understand and continually changing. Although the State Fire Marshall reviews them every three years, any number of amendments can take place during that time.

And the Miami Code of Ordinances doesn’t provide a maximum for fines. If you ever get a court hearing after a failed inspection, your fine is set at the judge’s discretion. However, the minimum fine after your second violation is always more than $1,000.

You’ll need to maintain compliance if you own or manage:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial buildings
  • Storage buildings

An issue that adds more complexity to maintaining compliance is that the codes are different for properties that fall under the same category. For example, if your apartment building gains new fire prevention duties as the units increase.

With fire safety consultants, you can have experts assess your property and ensure that you’re fully compliant. When your building is officially inspected, you won’t face the risk of fines or having your business shut down.

You’ll also have the confidence that as codes and regulations change, experienced Professional Safety Inspectors can advise you on and assist with the modifications you need to make for continued compliance.

Helping construction projects move forward

Depending on the type of building under construction, a fire safety permit may be necessary for work to continue or to use the building for its intended purpose after completion.

Fire safety consultants help with ensuring that the project meets all fire safety codes, especially as it becomes subject to new ones at different stages.

While there are no fines for failing an inspection while the building is under construction, progress is heavily slowed down. And, each time a Fire Inspector fails the building, fees for future inspections get higher.

A fire prevention consultant not only helps you receive the permits needed to keep your project, but their insight can help you maintain compliance up to project completion and afterward.

Importance of fire safety consultants for residential homes

While single-family residential homes and duplexes are not subject to fire inspections, fire prevention is still essential for your family's safety and yours.

In recent years, the U.S Fire Administration has revealed that the majority of fire casualties in Florida occur in homes. Its Florida fire loss profile shows that more than two-thirds of fire casualties took place in homes, along with more than 75% of injuries.

Fire safety consultants can help homeowners keep themselves and their families safe. Examples of how they do this include:

  • Installing the right cooking hood systems to minimize risk of fire
  • Providing fire extinguisher training
  • Carrying out inspections to see how the home can be more fire-protected

Work with fire safety consultants to maintain compliance and safety

While Fire Inspections Consultant Services can help you maintain compliance and avoid fines or business closure, it’s important to keep in mind that we help you maintain a property that poses a heavily reduced fire and smoke hazard to occupants.

Our services are available in Brower County, Palm Beach County, and Miami Metro, along with the rest of South Florida.

Contact us today so your building is safe and ready to pass an inspection any time.

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