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Knowledge and experience

We come from years of experience in fire
suppression and system maintenance.

FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC is a South Florida provider of comprehensive fire safety consulting, testing, inspections, and design services.

Fire Inspector Henry E Estrada is a Professional Safety Inspector with 35+ years of fire safety NFPA 101, NFPA 72, and NFPA 25 with loads of fire prevention experience. He has a decades of on-the-job experience performing fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire pumps inspections and troubleshooting investigations.

His current qualifications include:

  • Certifications and Licenses
    • Florida Fire Protection Contractor II
    • NICET II Certifications in Fire Alarms and Fire Sprinklers
    • Certified Florida Firesafety Inspector I
    • Hazmat Technician II o Confined Space Rescue II
    • 220 License Insurance Investigator II
    • Incident Safety Officer
    • Fire Apparatus and Hydraulics Instructor
    • CPR Instructor
    • USAF Noncommissioned Officer
    • FCIC Telecommunication Operator
  • Inspecting fire sprinkler alarm systems to ensure that construction, alteration, and installation are done according to approved plans, specifications, and city and state fire codes and standards.

  • Understands and applies the National Fire Protection Association standards for the installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems, including:
    • Fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems
    • Standpipe systems
    • Fire pumps
    • Water supplies

  • Knows the best work methods used in conducting inspections, investigations, enforcement actions.

  • Has worked cases ranging from the routine to the complex and can expertly suggest improvements to city and state laws, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations concerning the fire sprinkler inspection field.

  • Has the following unique specialties:
    • Extensive knowledge of all NFPA fire codes

Call Directly: 561-603-5030

FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC offers a wide range of fire-prevention services:
  • Property/business reviews for potential life safety and liability issues
  • Vendor quality assurance review
  • Life safety documentation review to ensure completeness and required accuracy
  • Citation review and guidance to clear violations
  • Pre-acquisition review of properties for illegal construction and safety issues
  • Training/education for staff and property managers to stay in compliance

and much more...


We are happy to announce that has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Lake Worth Awards in the category of Fire Protection Consultant.


Call us to learn how we can help protect your property and pass your fire inspection.
As fire codes and standards evolve with new technologies, design concepts, and accessibility, you need technical code expertise to advance your project and mitigate risk.

FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC can offer you much-needed assistance in fire protection, including preventing and mitigating unwanted fire effects. Fire protection services are vital in helping to save lives and property.

As members of national regulatory organizations, our team has deep knowledge of code requirements and regulatory intent. Our building code consultants help developers, owners, and architects create efficient strategies from planning to occupancy with integrated building, construction, and fire code consulting services.

  • Early in the design process, we identify potential compliance issues and develop effective and efficient solutions to meet design intent.
  • We perform periodic drawing reviews during key design stages to resolve issues and develop time and cost-saving solutions.
  • Provide summaries of building and fire safety criteria and documentation of levels of code compliance, interpreting and applying building and fire codes to specific design projects.
  • Produce reports outlining plan reviews, identifying compliance issues, and providing alternative approaches.

We present Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with the proposed design, navigating complex code regulations for our clients. Our depth of expertise is critical in demonstrating to the AHJ that the use of alternative materials, approaches, and systems still aligns with the code's intent.

For clients who have unique, complex, or state-of-the-art projects, we offer specialized experience suitable for alternative design methods. Our solutions demonstrate that your project will meet or exceed the code's prescriptive requirement, a service traditional code compliance services can't provide.

FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC can offer you much-needed assistance in fire protection, including preventing and mitigating unwanted fire effects. Fire protection services are vital in helping to save lives and property.

Always at your service, call the experts at 561-603-5030.

Inspector Estrada.


We provide the fire protection you need
We offer design, installation, and maintenance for fire suppression and alarm systems.
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