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Meet FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC — Fire Inspector and Protection in Miami
April 15, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Meet FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC — Fire Inspector and Protection in Miami

When you consider that city and state codes are complex and continually changing, it’s not a surprise that business owners dread fire inspections. Fines for failing are steep, and that’s without mentioning the risk of being entirely shut down.

So it gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you today, especially knowing that our services can solve your fire safety compliance worries for good.

Meet FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC , a fire protection consultant in Miami and your partner in making sure you’re running a safe, compliant, fire-protected business.

Here’s more information about us and the services we provide for you.

Our experience and certifications

Fire Inspector Henry E. Estrada has been a Professional Safety Inspector for over 35 years. He is an expert at fire safety NFPA 101, NFPA 72, and NFPA 25, in addition to his extensive fire prevention experience.

Some of the qualifications he currently holds include:

  • Florida Fire Protection Contractor
  • NICET II Certifications in Fire Alarms and Fire Sprinklers
  • Certified Florida Fire Safety Inspector I
  • Incident Safety Officer
  • Fire Apparatus and Hydraulics

We invite you to look at his full list of credentials, including further qualifications, licenses, and the accomplishments he’s amassed throughout his career.

Working with Fire Inspections Consultant Services means having access to vast fire protection expertise gained over a long and notable career. In addition to having a comprehensive understanding of Florida’s fire safety codes, we can easily simplify them for you.

Our services

As mentioned, our services can end all your fire safety worries. That’s because they cover the full range of your property’s fire suppression needs, including design consultation, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Our services are also available to residences and tenant properties.

Let us touch on them briefly:

Fire inspections

Before officials visit your premises for their exceptionally careful and detailed inspection, we can carry out an equally thorough inspection based on the same standards. We’ll advise you on all problem areas and work with you to address them.

At the point of your official inspection, you’ll be certain to pass.


We can equip you with potentially life-saving skills through:

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Safety training
  • Fire drill training
  • Fire evacuation planning

Installation and maintenance

You can also rely on FIREINSPECTOR.ORG LLC to source and install essential fire suppression equipment within your property. Examples here include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire pumps
  • Fire backflows
  • Fire doors
  • Fire hydrants

And we can continually maintain all your fire safety equipment, regularly making sure it’s fully functional and compliant with codes as they change.

Like we say, you can solve every last fire safety and compliance worry with us.

Why choose us as your fire protection consultant in Miami

In an effort to make properties safer, authorities are always changing fire codes and safety standards. That puts you, a property owner, in a situation where you constantly have to review complicated documents and act on whatever understanding you can gather from them.

With us, you can have all this handled by experts. This means you’ll be free to focus on running your business, but with the certainty that it’s fire-protected and sure to pass an inspection at any time.

We want you to pass your fire safety inspection and run your business without interruption or fear of costly penalties, but our dedication extends much further. Fire Inspections Consultant Services is committed to ensuring that your property is entirely safe for you and all occupants.

Keep your property safe and compliant with a trusted fire protection consultant in Miami

We want to make sure when codes change, as they’re sure to soon, your building is instantly compliant with each amendment. And we want to make sure you, your family, and all people entering your property are protected against fire and smoke. We’re certain you want the same.

We serve all of South Florida.

Contact us today to keep your building safe and compliant.

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